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CYRA is for entrepreneurs who want to be digitally resilient

As an entrepreneur you are not isolated. You are part of a larger whole. In the chain in which you are a customer and/or supplier, but also in your relationship with your environment. The industry you are part of, politics, governments, education. All stakeholders with whom you (possibly) collaborate and with whom you exchange data. It is important that you can rely on each other. And that you can trust the partners you work in having their digital resilience in order.


As an entrepreneur, you increasingly have to deal with digital solutions for your services and administration. But do you also have the knowledge and skills to work on your digital resilience? And demonstrate this to customers and other stakeholders? Not every organization wants to take the step towards ISO 27001 certification because the urgency is lacking and it is seen as too big or too expensive. With CYRA you can immediately get started to increase your cyber resilience step by step, and show your partners where you stand.  CYRA provides a clear, uniform approach, which can be adapted for industries.




Every entrepreneur is part of a supply chain that ultimately contributes to the delivery to an end customer. For companies, reliable suppliers are of great importance. Customers trust that their data is in safe hands and can be used with high availability. That is why you must demonstrate digital resilience not only for your own company, but also for the suppliers in your chain. CYRA is a tool for entrepreneurs to improve their digital resilience and to make this demonstrable. At the same time, it is also a tool for companies to assess the maturity of their suppliers in this area. The use of a standard leads to recognisability and efficiency in making digital resilience visible.


CYRA is the new standard for entrepreneurs who want to work on their digital resilience. CYRA, together with branches and sectors, wants to make this standard applicable to entrepreneurs from the same industry. As a result, the measures and tools are better aligned with the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs in the sector. Because digital resilience is not the same for every entrepreneur. This is how we bring digital resilience close.

Convince yourself

“Met CYRA kan iedereen achterhalen wat er moet gebeuren om echt cyberweerbaar te zijn. Het schept vertrouwen als een toeleverancier een CYRA-certificaat kan tonen en dat scheelt inkoopafdelingen weer werk.”

Paul van Nunen, Directeur Cyber Weerbaarheidscentrum Brainport

“CYRA is dé standaard voor informatie- en privacy maatregelen, voorsorterend op een eventuele ISO 27001 certificering.”

Vincent schijven, TÜV NORD Nederland

“CYRA staat voor "CYberRAting”

CYRA staat voor "CYberRAting

“CYRA is uitermate geschikt voor bedrijven die onder de NIS-2 gaan vallen en ‘iets’ met hun toeleveranciers moeten of willen. Door een bepaald niveau van certificaat te vragen aan de bedrijven waarmee je zaken doet, krijg je wél de bevestiging dat je partners hun cyberweerbaarheid op (een) niveau hebben. Zonder dat je daar inhoudelijk bij betrokken moet zijn - en daarmee wellicht wel een verant woordelijkheid in krijgt.”

Evelien Bras, directeur bestuurder stichting FERM

“De route naar digitaal weerbaar ondernemen kent 7 stappen. Zet vandaag nog de eerste stap.”

Erik Miedema, Directeur MKB Cyber Campus

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