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Cyber security: Cooperation between CCV and CYRA

Provide support to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) entrepreneurs for growth towards a digital resilient organization, and at the same time give them the opportunity to certify their level of information security, step by step up to ISO 27001. With that goal, Patrick van den Brink of the Center for Crime Prevention and Safety (the CCV) and Evelien Bras of Stichting Cyra today a cooperation agreement. Cyra and the CCV together want to bring the criteria and method of Cyber’s security of companies to an open national standard and place the management of the proven Cyra approach to the CCV.

Proven approach

CYRA offers companies in the form of self-assessment and certification an entry and growth model for information security. This allows companies to grow into certification according to ISO 27001, the standard for information security. Important because information security in tenders and in the supply chain will play an increasingly important role. Clients would like contractors to have their information security in order and have covered cyber security risks. With certification according to the CYRA criteria, contractors can prove that.

Cyra offers the possibility to focus on different levels, depending on the situation and needs, and to certify it. In particular, companies in the High Tech, manufacturing industry, and road and hydraulic engineering are already familiar with the Cyra approach. For more information click here.

Open market

The CCV has been a manager of certification and inspection schedules for many years. Among other things in the field of cyber security. The CCV schedule Pentesten (certification of digital resilience tests) won the prestigious Computable Award in 2022. The independent position of the manager is an important characteristic of CCV management. Part of this is that all stakeholders are allowed to join the criteria. The implementation of certification is open to all certification settings that meet the-strict-requirements.

To combine forces

The growth model for Cyra information security can make an important contribution to strengthening the cyber resilience of business. To take the method a step further, Cyra is of the opinion that it should be able to be used in an open market. The CCV now has 20 years of experience. It is therefore logical that Cyra and the CCV are now joining forces. In the coming months they will work out a plan of action that must lead to a certification scheme available from January 2025 under the management of the CCV.

The joining of forces is also inspired by the arrival of the NIS2 guideline. The European Union and the Dutch government thus promote the cyber resilience of the business community. Organizations that fall under the NIS2 directive are confronted with a duty of care. This means that they must take measures to protect their network and information systems against incidents. The same applies to the physical environment in which the systems are located. An approach according to CYRA is a wise first step for that. With this proven and thorough system, SME entrepreneurs can map the cyber security risks and improve information security. An independent certificate makes this demonstrable to clients and suppliers.

Convince yourself

“Met CYRA kan iedereen achterhalen wat er moet gebeuren om echt cyberweerbaar te zijn. Het schept vertrouwen als een toeleverancier een CYRA-certificaat kan tonen en dat scheelt inkoopafdelingen weer werk.”

Paul van Nunen, Directeur Cyber Weerbaarheidscentrum Brainport

“CYRA is dé standaard voor informatie- en privacy maatregelen, voorsorterend op een eventuele ISO 27001 certificering.”

Vincent schijven, TÜV NORD Nederland

“CYRA staat voor "CYberRAting”

CYRA staat voor "CYberRAting

“CYRA is uitermate geschikt voor bedrijven die onder de NIS-2 gaan vallen en ‘iets’ met hun toeleveranciers moeten of willen. Door een bepaald niveau van certificaat te vragen aan de bedrijven waarmee je zaken doet, krijg je wél de bevestiging dat je partners hun cyberweerbaarheid op (een) niveau hebben. Zonder dat je daar inhoudelijk bij betrokken moet zijn - en daarmee wellicht wel een verant woordelijkheid in krijgt.”

Evelien Bras, directeur bestuurder stichting FERM

“De route naar digitaal weerbaar ondernemen kent 7 stappen. Zet vandaag nog de eerste stap.”

Erik Miedema, Directeur MKB Cyber Campus

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